2018 Family Learning/Stay and Play Sessions (Parents Comments)

Interactive Storytelling

"Enjoyed range of activities for all abilities. The storywriting was a good idea as I wouldn't have thought to do that with a younger age group."

"Really enjoyed bringing story to life with props and/or story stones."

"Enjoyed taking part in all the different activities."

Messy Play

"Enjoyed getting messy and interacting with my own child along with watching how they interact with other children in nursery."

"Liked the range of activities and different textures on offer."

Stay and Play

"My child was able to show me around the playroom, what she likes to play with and it was good to see the way the room and staff work  with children."

"Happy to see my child prepare his own breakfast and see the different areas working in the room."

"Like to see how my child interacts with staff and other children."

Feedback from Parent’s Curriculum Evening.

Good evening. Good insight into what happens at nursery. Nice to have an understanding of how to play helps children develop. Appreciate staff taking the time to deliver it.

Good to hear about the curriculum and the constructive nature of play. Would be nice to have a session on social behaviour where children don’t have siblings.

Very  informative. Like seeing regular newsletters but would be good to have open evenings where parents can review what’s been going on as not always got time to stop and fully review when dropping off and picking up.

Evening was very interesting and informative.

Very informative. The links with Curriculum for Excellence were very clear. Some examples (real examples like the zoo) were useful. Explanation of the PLP was also useful.

Feedback from Crafty Tinkers outing.

We couldn’t believe we didn’t have to pay. Thank you Clever Clogs Parents Group. ( BM’s Dad)

Christmas Bauble, lunch and juice included – fantastic (EA)

My child is only 8 months but every year I will treasure his Christmas Bauble and think of the great time he had at Clever Clogs. (LM’s Mum)

It was really good – I hope we can do it again next year (JF)

It was great using a local business – I didn’t even know it existed. (JS/LW)

Christmas Fayre Feedback

It was really good and very well organised. There was a variety of stalls to suit everyone. (IO)

Good ideas for stocking fillers! (LM)

My mum loved getting her mulled wine and mince pie! It was great seeing all the staff giving up their time. (SD)

It was really good. It helped me on the way to my Christmas shopping. (SD)

I left in the Christmas spirit. The raffle was a great idea- I even won a lovely prize!! (SD)

Feedback from Parent’s Curriculum Evening .

A good insight into the background at what goes on at Clever Clogs. I understand the curriculum in more detail.

Excellent, very informative. I might need to get management to help me with my Curriculum for Excellence presentations!

Really enjoyed tonight – very informative and nice to see how my child is being helped & supported to develop in his nursery time.

Felt comfortable asking questions and contributing to discussions, Confident in my decisions to enrol my son in Clever Clogs.

I now understand more on detail around activities and planning.

Parents comments taken from the Care Inspectorate reports

'My little girl loves coming to the nursery. She is always happy when I come to collect her and the staff are always there to tell me how her day has been. I am particularly impressed that she can talk about what she has been learning. I also love the regular emails which keep me up to date.'

'Clever Clogs has been the closest thing to a second home for both my children. They have been like family. They always keep me informed of my child's progress. They have so many activities on offer, including Eco groups and activities for parents to get involved in - but they don't make you feel guilty if you are working and can't go. My child is always smiling when I pick him up. He is also filthy from being outside, again I love this as he has had fun. The staff are friendly, kind, well-organised and have helped me to get my child to eat more.

Clever Clogs is an excellent nursery. The management and communication is of a very high standard. Both our children have benifited greatly from their time there.


* The staff are very informative and give me lots of feedback on my child. Staff and management are very approachable and very accommodating on any issues I have either relating to personal or childcare issues. My child has a wide range of activities provided and also to their stage of development. Overall the staff are like family and very approachable and happy.


* Clever Clogs are very flexible and work around my shifts. My child loves being able to go outdoors and play as well as going on walks.


* The staff are friendly and helpful. My son loves his time at the nursery. I am given a diary home that tells me about his day and I enjoy reading it. I have found attending the nursery has vastly improved his speech and other skills such as interaction etc. Staff are also very good with sensitive situations and these are handled with care, respect and dignity. All in all an amazing place and great staff.


* Clever Clogs is a fantastic family run childcare centre. The reputation of the centre is growing everyday. All the staff care about all the children and happy to go and help at anytime. My child always come home happy and smiling after their visit. My child is learning and becoming more confident everyday.


* My child has come on greatly since starting Clever Clogs.


* Staff are friendly and informative.


* Clever Clogs is a fantastic nursery. I am extremely happy with the development of my child since starting nursery. All of the staff are enthusiastic and welcoming. I like how Clever Clogs is always a clean and friendly environment and all the staff are approachable. I am happy how they get the opportunity to go outdoors on a daily basis. I am always happy about the feedback the staff give at the end of the day.


* Although my child is fairly new to the nursery I feel everybody has made a great effort in settling him in. It is a very warm and caring environment for him to be in with a fantastic leadership and staff. Everybody is happy.


* I feel my child really enjoys going to the nursery. The care he is given is excellent. I feel very happy knowing he is happy and settled. There is a great range of things/activities my child can do which is helping with his development. My child is quite new but so far very impressed with staff and service.


* Since my child started Clever Clogs we have seen a big change. Staff are always happy to help and interact with the children ensuring the child is seen as the key person in play.


* I feel my child is treated as an individual and this is incredibly important to me.


* When my child has been upset a member of staff took time to talk to me and listen to what was happening in my child's circumstances.


 * Every day my child is taking part in different activities and is progressing at a great rate since starting at Clever Clogs. I feel my child is treated as an individual and this is incredibly important to me.

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